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Koen and Jeff to provide a very hands-on & practical PowerShell training

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Together with our education partner Vijfhart we’re proud to announce that our colleagues Koen and Jeff will provide a 3-days hands-on and practical PowerShell training. This training is based on the ‘Learn PowerShell In A Month Of Lunches’-book and is intended for anyone willing to learn the language.

So, want to learn how to automate the boring stuff and elevate your skills (and possibly your career) to the next level? This training will definitely help you along that path.


This training is NOT based on the Microsoft Official Curriculum, but on the ‘Learn PowerShell in a Month of Lunches’-book. The exercises during the training are based on Koen’s and Jeff’s experiences in the field over the last 10 years. Practical tasks and examples that will give you the knowledge needed to apply PowerShell in your daily work the moment you’ve finished the training. So, awesome for Ops-people, admins and engineers!

Rex de Koning to join Methos

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As of the 1st of March Rex de Koning will be joining Methos in the role of Azure Engineer.

We are very happy for him to join as he greatly expands our resources, knowledge and experience.

Rex, welcome to the club!


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Op 6 oktober 2018 heeft Methos een gezellig bedrijfsuitje mogen beleven. De drie medewerkers, en hun partners, hebben zich ternauwernood weten te redden uit de Mission Impossible escaperoom in Scheveningen. Met nog 1,5 minuut te gaan is de wereld gered, en dit keer niet door automatisering!

Onze wereldverbeteraars hebben daarna wel verdiend genoten van een avond Tasty Comedy op de pier. Danny, bedankt voor het organiseren!